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Mckenzie Myers

Clinical Social Work Intern

McKenzie is in her final year of the Master of Social Work program at the University of

Wyoming. Originally from Portland, Maine, she received her undergraduate degrees from

University of Michigan in 2016. After spending some time working abroad, McKenzie moved to

Wyoming and worked for several years as a whitewater raft guide and for a local housing non-

profit where she learned about community activism and change. Through these experiences,

she discovered a passion for working with and helping others and a desire to cultivate a greater

understanding of connection, healing, and mental health.

Most recently, McKenzie served as a therapist at a residential treatment facility. Leading both

group and individual therapy, she practiced dialectical behavior therapy, trauma-informed care,

and realized the importance of fostering positive relationships with traumatized youth.

She is excited to work with the Clinic for Mental Health and Wellness and grow in the practices

of motivational interviewing, trauma-informed care, strengths-based approaches, dialectical

behavior therapy and cognitive-behavior therapy. As a therapist, McKenzie views individuals as

experts of their own lives and strives to provide a judgement-free space filled with compassion,

empathy, and the tools needed to heal and overcome life’s challenges.

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